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Friday, July 20, 2007

50 Car Lineup

There's actually been a lot to blog about this week, but I've been neglectful.

Beginning where I left off last week: Saturday morning I got all the electronics junk out of the garage and dropped off at the recycling center. It's only open once a month, and I'd just missed it last month when we were cleaning the garage. And I had a lot to get out of the garage: we filled my trunk, most of the back seat, and the passenger seat of my car.

The center was at the Kane county clerk's office. We don't live in Kane county, but the city of Aurora was also one of the sponsors so any resident of Aurora was OK to use the site. Not like they checked carefully, but they did ask what town I was from, so if someone didn't know about the limits they may have answered the wrong town and been turned away.

Anyway, as I drove up to St. Charles I wondered if I'd be able to figure out where the drop-off was, even though I had the address. I shouldn't have worried. As I got near I saw the lineup of 50 to 75 cars waiting to drop stuff off. I'd gotten then a half hour before the site closed, so I wondered if a) I'd get through the line before it closed, and b) I'd get through the line before I needed to leave it to get to the Cubs game.

No problems. The line was long but move surprisingly quickly. They had plenty of volunteers, and it was set up so they could empty about five cars at once, and only took a minute or two per car.

Other than that, my week has been Cubs and work. After recycling I went to the game on Saturday and enjoyed a nice blow-out victory by the Cubs (though they fell behind by a run at first). On Monday night I enjoyed a much closer, come-from-behind victory - and the atmosphere at Wrigley for such games has been great, it seems like everyone is geared up to win now.

I got Bob's pair of tickets for Wednesday thinking I might go with Steve, but he was busy. So, I gave the pair to Ryan and Kalen. But by Wednesday morning Kalen wasn't feeling 100%, so decided not to go. I decided to take the day off and go with Ryan (and get a very tasty stadium club buffet). Again, the game turned out to be a blowout victory for the Cubs. It's becoming a pattern!

Aside from all that, I had three monitoring shifts (Sunday, Monday, and this evening), that have all been pretty uneventful. If all goes as expected I have just completed my last monitoring duty, though that's only true because I get to spend the next couple of weeks in Cleveland.

Tomorrow - another Cubs game, but that'll be my last one until September due to the Cleveland schedule. Then maybe I'll start reading Ellen's copy of the new Harry Potter book tomorrow evening. The girls are out right now Pottering it up at a book release party at Borders. Maybe one of them will actually blog about it tomorrow. For that matter, Ellen needs to blog about her first week at her new job.


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