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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Clan Rock Hall

It was busy with work yesterday, busy-touristy today.

The work week has been busy and lots of long hours, decently productive, and not anything to talk about.

Yesterday I was on-call in case of an outage, filling in for a co-worker who had a wedding to go to. Outages have been a lot farther between in the past few weeks, so I knew a call was unlikely, but I didn't stray far from my computer anyway. I spent part of the day putting together a 'zine for Legends, and part of it dealing with an issue that came up here due to a feature that was turned on Friday night. So, it was good that I was around to check on that and provide some coordination on how to handle the problem.

Today was a rainy day in Cleveland that turned out to be a good day to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's worthwhile to do on a half-day -- If I'd spent the whole day downtown there's a science museum right next to it that would probably fill the other day (tip for someone planning a tourist day in Cleveland). There are lots of show costumes and guitars. I was a bit more interested in the written artifacts -- pages where lyrics were being worked out, set lists, letters, John Lennon's doodles and cartoons (doing "Onion"-style tabloid parodies as a teenager). I also really enjoyed the stage props from Pink Floyd. Browsing the gift shop at the end, I found a copy of Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell" (the gift shop has a lot of regular record store stuff - it's run by FYE - but it has a separate section just for CDs by Hall inductees). Since the sculptures used to create the album cover for "The Division Bell" (see picture) are prominently on display high in the Rock Hall, I decided that I'd get that CD as one of my souvenirs (also a thimble for Ellen, a magnet for me and a postcard of one of the props from "The Wall").

Tomorrow: work. But two days from now I'll be home.


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