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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Few Links for the Weekend

Work has been work. I identified one fairly big issue far enough that others (in far flung parts of the world) could work on finding a solution for it. We've been working late into the evening, but by that I mean 8:30 or 9:00, not past midnight.

And, beyond the break, a couple quick links for the weekend and a "travel jerk" story.

And now the links: I enjoyed this joke on Scott Adams' "Dilbert Blog". It's off-color, but saying more is a spoiler for the joke. And, then in the comments to that blog entry, people have inserted more jokes (that I haven't read ... yet).

And now the big spoiler warning: This link has J.K. Rowling discussing what happens to characters in the Potter-verse after "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". This is info beyond what's in the epilogue of the book. So ABSOLUTELY DON'T CLICK THAT LINK UNLESS YOU WANT SPOILERS (or have read the book).

Oh, by the way, the only spoiler I saw before reading the book was the information in the epilogue. I didn't give that spoiler much credence before reading the book, and the information is relatively unimportant to the story (it's pretty lame, actually).

And now the "travel jerk" story: I flew out to Cleveland this time on a smaller jet -- two seats each side of the center aisle rather than the more typical three. After the plane landed and people are getting ready to get off, the guy next to me (on the aisle) gets smacked in the head by another guy swinging his backpack. So, the aisle guys say "Hey guy, please watch your bag". The bag guy says "sorry", but then turns an almost hits the aisle guy again. Aisle guy points this out, and bag guy says "I SAID I'M SORRY". And then the bag swings toward aisle guy again. Repeat. Bag guy never gets a clue. I was more than half expecting him to call out aisle guy in the terminal after we got out. Just an utterly clueless jerk.

I'm still not sure what the plan for the weekend is. If I get the chance I'll probably try to get to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, just because I'm here. If you go to Cleveland, that's what other people know to ask you about. It's like going to San Diego and people ask if you went to the zoo.

If I have the time I may try to go to an Indians game. I may also try to see "The Simpson's Movie", just because like with Harry Potter I want to see it before knowing much more about it. And I suspect that's going to be a movie I could re-watch in the theater later, if Ellen wants to see it (or she could go with the kids this weekend).

OK, enough for now.


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