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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Super

The best laid plans may go awry.

Of coure, mediocrely laid plans are even more likely to.

After arriving in Cleveland yesterday, I drove right from the airport to work, figuring I could check into the hotel later in the evening. I wasn't expecting to stay at work until a bit past midnight.

Oh, but let me back up a bit. There's a hotel directly across from the office we're working at. That's where I stayed last time, and where I called for reservations this time. Courtyard Cleveland Airport North.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a room available for the first three nights of this trip. So, they booked me for the remaining 11 nights, and then looked around for what they could get me for the first three nights. After a bit of poking around, she found a spot at the Courtyard Cleveland Airport South, and made a reservation there for me. The details of both reservations were e-mailed to me and I printed them.

Alas, I didn't actually look at them.

So, at 12:30am last night I showed up at the Courtyard Cleveland Airport South. There was a big sign on the door that the hotel was totally sold out for a private function, July 20 - August 5 (wow!). But, I had a reservation (?) so I went in. The clerks weren't expecting anyone to show up, so their were lounging in the lobby. When I said I had I reservation, one checked and found my reservation. Unfortunatly, the reservation clerk from the other hotel goofed up the date -- by 11 months. I had a reservation not for July 24, 2007, but for June 24, 2008.

The clerk there said that the hotels immediately around didn't have any openings either. I checked with a could hotels back near the Courtyard Cleveland Airport North, and again found no vacancies. So, I headed a bit further west and wound up here at the Super 8 in North Ridgeville, OH. Which is fine. When I'm traveling on my own dime I stay at Super 8's all the time, though I'd say this one is below average as Super 8's go (i.e., it's not as bad as the average Motel 6). And the girl at the counter here was very nice -- knocking costs off the bill without me saying a word (hey, it's already cheap, and less than half of what the Courtyard costs).

And that's it for now, because other than that I've been working. Another update ... later, when I have something more to say than "working".


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