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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not Really Liveblogging Game 2

I'll open up this post to maybe make some comments on the game, but I'm not going to update quite as actively as I did last night, such as it was.

For one thing, I'll probably go do some dished after bit, and I know I need to log in to work and send an e-mail so that folks in Germany will respond during their day.

Tonight I've got the game audio on radio while keeping the TV on to watch. Right now Pat is explaining how they're going to try to delay the radio broadcast a bit to better match the TV, though it's a complex explanation of why they can't match for everyone (depends on cable system, or if you get satellite, etc. etc).

Ted Lilly has never shown me he can bunt.

Later in the game ... it's closing in on midnight and it's the middle of the 6th. This game is going to take forever.

Too bad Lilly had no command tonight. Not much of that to be found in any of the Cubs pitchers tonight, but we'll see how Kerry Wood does.

The bigger problem, though, has been that none of Soriano, Lee, or Ramirez have generated much of anything on offense.

But I did get the e-mail sent to Germany.
And now it's just before 1:00am. 3 hour and 45 minute game. Ugh. And Lee and Ramirez can't do anything in the 9th.

I did get most of the dishes done, though.

We'll have to get them on Saturday. Nothing like liveblogging on Saturday, as it's hard to do that from section 228. Stadium club late lunch/early dinner at 3:30. Report late on Saturday.


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