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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mass Extinction (RPGA Meeting - Gencon, Saturday August 18)

All of a sudden, all of my Dungeons and Dragons characters will be going away. The extinction event is next year. This is the RPGA meeting that I forgot to blog about earlier.

By the time the RPGA members meeting started on the Saturday of Gencon, most of the important information had already been leaked. That just meant that some people could come prepared with their best futile arguments.

With D&D 4th edition coming out the middle of next year, the D&D campaigns that I play the most are ending. I'd be able to keep playing Living Greyhawk until the end of 2008 (and longer, since no one will really care about the rules any more), but the trick is going to be how motivated I or anyone else will be. Living Kalamar is ending a bit earlier, with Kenzer's license for D&D ending, though again I may play after the "official" end because I'll just grab modules to play later.

The announcement of the end of Living Greyhawk made several people mad, and they tried to make that known at the RPGA meeting. People always fear change, and didn't like the idea that a campaign they'd spent seven years playing (at most) might someday not be there. Ignoring that the campaign had a pretty good run. Quite a few want to keep it going, ignoring that they are fighting against the marketing campaign of WotC and a well buttoned down colleciton of intellectual property. They might try to keep doing things in the Greyhawk setting, but if so they'll wind up playing a watered down setting like what Legends of the Shining Jewel has been (which is really a bastardized Forgotten Realms -- the campaign world that RPGA and WotD are going back to).

I'm basically looking at all of this as inevitable. I know that my D&D playing a year from now is going to be very different than it has been for the last few years, and right now I can't really how things are going to go. Eventually, I'm sure I'll be playing Living Forgotten Realms with D&D 4. I may play the successor to Living Kalamar with Hackmaster 5, but it will depend on if there are actually others to play that with.

I could also still be playing 3.5 under Open Gaming License rules with LSJ or Blackmoor, but I never did get into those campaigns much. I've got 3rd level characters in both that I really don't care much about.

Yeah, this hasn't really been about the RPGA meeting, because for the most part that was only good for the amusement of people trying to fight the inevitable with absolutely no leverage on their side. This is really just about me trying to sort out where my gaming is going to be in a year.


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