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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Night of Few Goblins

If I counted right (counting comics before and after) we had 37 kids trick-or-treating tonight. About half of what we had last year.

No idea why. The weather was beautiful.

If anything, the mood was a little different because the rule for daylight savings time changed. It was still fairly light even by 6pm, and we don't get many kids show up after 7pm.

Again, the comics were a hit. I got an "Awesome" out of one boy when I gave him a copy of "Superman and the Legion of Super-heroes" (the Free Comic Book Day version of the recent-ish #1 issue). A group of junior-high boys commented that we always are the best (they like comics, and these guys always make comments on them).

We actually gave out 36 comics and 37 Kit-Kats. One was a baby, and Kalen decided not to pull out a comic (wouldn't make sense). I doubt that the kid was even 1 year old yet -- I said he came in his "Baby" costume, his mom said he (she?) had a costume on, but it was under his (her?) coat.

Pictures! We took some pictures of the front decorations and of Kalen's costume. Check them out on Picasa.

Anyway, Tony came over and had burgers with us. Tony, Matt, Kalen and I then played a couple games of Zombie Fluxx, including one that just wouldn't end. We abandonded the game so that Tony, Matt and Ryan could go see a movie (intended to see "Darjeeling Limited", wound up seeing "30 Days of Night").

And that's about it for the day.


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