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Monday, November 19, 2007

Strange Cheese

I'm in Iowa, so there's one thing I always have to do .... go to Nebraska!

Nebraska is completely made up. A fraud perpetrated by those in Omaha to make everyone else think they have a whole state behind them.

No, really, I drove over to Blair to get a Runza. The Runza in Blair is the closest one to Missouri Vally (probably the closest to Aurora as well).

As I was eating my Cheese Runza, I realized something was different. The cheese was not an American Cheese slice (as usual). It was a white cheese, and very melty and gooey. Almost like queso fresco. It may also have been mozzerella cheese, or maybe white American. Is there really any difference between those three? Anyway, it was different, and it was really good with the Runza.

Other than that, I've been taking care of some business for my mom. She's in the hospital now, doing better than she had been, and the plan is that she'll move up to the nursing home tomorrow. After that we'll see how things go and how long she'll need to be in the nursing home. So, tomorrow I'll get her stuff moved up there, take care of some banking, and hopefully drive back to Aurora on Wednesday.


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