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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moving Day

Got mom moved into the nursing home today. She seems to be doing pretty well, so she may be able to regain her strength fairly quickly. Anyway, I got her recliner, TV, iPod, laptop, some clothes, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff moved up today. I have a list of things to gather tomorrow before I take off for home.

While leaving the hospital today I passed my sister-in-law and her husband. She was checking into the hospital -- knocked down hard by a case of the flu and very dehydrated. I told her I wasn't really in town to visit her in the hospital. She often reads my blog, so by the time she sees this she'll obviously be out and back on her feet, so I can only say "Get well, Beth -- RETROACTIVELY!"

I had dinner tonight at Penny's Diner -- which is set up as a 50's style diner but I know it hasn't been there for more than about a year. I'd been eating too much fast food/fried food the past few days, so I was looking for something a bit better. Meatload, salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a roll, with my iced tea, and all less than $10. The potatoes were instant (instant disguished as home-made, peel-in potatoes, but the peel pieces were tiny and clearly part of the mix), but I don't mind instant potatoes anyway and as a whole the dinner was really good.

Penny's is a mini-chain, so I thought I'd Google it and link it's website (like I do so often). I didn't find a website (it looked like there were maybe 20-25 sites in the chain, but I did find that Bill Clinton had been in that very diner less than two weeks ago. Closing in on time for the Iowa caucuses, though I haven't gotten hit over the head with campaigning (but I'm also not watching much local TV).


  • That'd be pretty cool to be eating lunch, and suddenly find a former President there.

    ... especially if he was also eating the Meatload. :)

    By Anonymous narf, at 11/21/2007 11:56 AM  

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