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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lunch in Delaware

A weekend off from work - though I'll check e-mails here shortly.

Saturday afternoon I spent several enjoyable hours with Mike Norton, my pal from Legends. I was surprised when Mike said it had been six years since we'd seen each other last in Chicago, but I trust his accounting of it. Anyway, we had a nice late-lunch at a Mexican restaurant that he knew, and then drove around the area chatting and him sharing local info. As usual, he captures it better over on his blog.

Saturday evening - laundry.

Today, I drove over to Valley Forge National Historic Park, and spend a bit of time going through the exhibits in the visitor center. It's really a place that should be visited in better weather, though, so that it's nicer to walk the site. The grounds were pretty busy, though, with families with plastic toboggans, cross-country skiers, and people just walking the paths -- but I was happy to leave it to them.

After that, I just felt like driving. I drove south and had lunch in Wilmington Delaware -- just because I've never been to Delaware before.

Tonight, I'm watching the Oscar presentations while typing this -- as much because Nascar bumped Simpsons/Family Guy reruns (oop, I just flipped over and I see the Simpsons is on now -- the one where Homer has lost 24 hours of memory -- OK, been there, seen that).

Tomorrow, back to work, but not quite sure how busy it will be yet.


  • It was nice to see you again, Tim. I trust the last few days in the area were at least a bit more relaxing. Had I not been so pressed for time earlier in the week I might have come up with something more interesting to do, but then again probably not. ;)

    Yeah, it was '02 when I last made it to Chicago, so that'll be six years this July. It was the same year Heroclix started, which was why I had those Batman and Spidey promotional clix in our convention bags. I stayed with Grant and his family. That was the year Clay was pitching Hawaiian Dick to potential publishers at the con and generally trying to network accompanied by K. Torres. It was also the first post-9/11 air travel I'd done, and they were falling over themselves with multiple identity checkpoints and many still weren't used to how much of the airport was suddenly inaccessible to those who were only there to see someone off or meet them.

    By Blogger MJ Norton, at 2/27/2008 11:50 AM  

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