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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mexican Chipmunks

I was driving to Omaha this morning, poking around on the radio trying to find a station to listen to. The scan landed on a Spanish station, and lo and behold, the song was yet another Chipmunk voice. This one clearly meant to emulate the Chipmunk sound, though whether it was legitimately Alvin, Simon, or Theodore I don't know. Probably not. It may have even been technically meant to be a mouse, as it was singing about a cat (or, at least "un gato" was one of the few phrases I could pick out, and it was repeated.

I guess it wasn't really a Spanish station per say, it was a local affiliate of Radio Disney. It was all Spanish for the little bit I listened to it, though, including a few minutes after the chipmunk-y song finished.

So, other than that, we completed the deal for the sale of mom's car, so that bit has been taken care of. I went to Omaha to drop off a bunch of mom's clothes and coats at Goodwill, then I went shopping and got myself a new coat.

This evening, we went with Beth, Don, and Rachel to "The Melting Pot", a fondue restaurant (one of a chain). It was good, and the whole experience was geared more to socializing (we spent 2.5 hours there, which I think was pretty standard). We had to laugh at Rachel as she was having trouble finding things that were to her taste, at least until we moved to the pots of chocolate in the desert course. Mainly because there were just a lot of things she just hadn't tried before.

So, time to crash for tonight. Tomorrow we'll get the VUE loaded with a bunch of the stuff from here that's going back to Aurora. Hopefully we'll get going well before noon so we can be back home at a reasonable time.


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