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Monday, December 31, 2007

Bizarro League

In the regular season, my fantasy football team (the Aurora Owlbears) went 2-12. Last place, and fewest points scored.

But, it was an eight-team league with all eight making the playoffs.

In the playoffs, I exceeded by regular season win total. I was 3-0, and overall champion!

Go figure.

The league playoff results were nearly the inverse of the regular season. I beat the #7 team in the finals (I beat the #1 in the first playoff). The finals standings, relative to regular season standings, was something like 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 5 2,1.

In other news, we finished "Red Hand of Doom" yesterday with only one casualty and one or two very-near casualties. Kathy's fighter/rogue died but got back in the fight immediately due to a special "raise dead" favor (just, you know, one level lower). And she would have avoided all the damage if she could have made just one of her three attempts at the reflex save.

In retrospect we shouldn't have gone into the last area with both the sorcerer (Ryan) and the cleric (Brad) nearly out of spells. But we didn't know how much time we could wait.

Tonight -- will be a long night with not nearly as much fun as usual. I have a special monitoring shift tonight from 11pm - 2am Central to make sure all our switches survive the new year -- especially the ones in New York City and Las Vegas. So, I'll come on shift at the stroke of midnight in New York and leave at the stroke of midnight in Las Vegas.


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