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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shopping and Outages

Got a bit of Christmas shopping done today. Most of it on Amazon, with a guarantee that it would be delivered on the 24th. One item wasn't guaranteed, but that's OK. We'll cope, I'm sure.

I did go to one mall today as well as a couple other stores. In all the running around I only found one item, and it wasn't exactly what I went out to get. But, running around the mall felt Christmas-y, what with parking far away and dodging people while walking quickly through the crowds.

I got two phone calls while out from the person with the hotline this week, needing some help. The first was just as I got into the mall, and I talked her through a bit and then figured out that there wasn't an outage so the issue could be deferred. Then, on my way home I got the second call from her and I helped through the outage, taking about 90 minutes out of the evening.

I may get out and do some more shopping tomorrow, or maybe it will wait until Sunday or Monday and I'll do it in Omaha.

I was going to copy something about procrastination that I'd written for Pulp Legacy, but, eh, it'll wait.

Kalen really needs to blog now.


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