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Monday, December 03, 2007

Post Turkey Days

It's not that there's nothing going on. Quite the contrary. It's trying to decide how to write -- and getting disciplined enough to write.
OK, so when I last wrote it was before Thanksgiving and I was in Iowa.

I drove back on that Wednesday. A bit later than I'd intended, and a bit snow-ier than would be preferred. Between Missouri Valley and Newton (a bit east of Des Moines) I saw maybe 20 cars that had gone in the ditch, but I didn't see people so they may have gone off the road earlier in the morning when maybe it was slicker with frost. I never thought the driving was that bad.

Thanksgiving: Kathy was home. Cody came up for the weekend. Bob came out for dinner. We played some games in the evening. A good time was had.

The weekend after Thanksgiving: Stuffed COWS. I judged seven games, never quite knowing what I was going to judge before I got assigned to a table. I did get to play one slot in the special. I'd planned on playing Aelorin (my paladin), but Duc was judging and he heavily hinted that I should play Blaine (my rogue). As it turned out, the team really needed a rogue to succeed, and Blaine's +20 to find and disable traps was important.

The following week -- hmm, it's all a blur now.

On this past weekend, I got the Christmas decorations down from the attic and got the outdoor winterization finished. Just as we covered the patio table with the tarp it started snowing all at once -- it happened the very second, such that Matt and Ryan thought we'd stirred up a bunch of dust unfurling the tarp. The strong wind and snow, and the rain the next day, kept me from getting the outdoor lights up (so they weren't up for the first day of Advent). Maybe sometime this week I'll do it, or on Saturday.

My mom is back in the hospital today after a bout of flu, but hopefully she'll be out tomorrow and will be able to continue her rehab.

And that's all I can think of for the moment, at least as far as the catch-up. More tomorrow.


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