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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Live from Springfield

Springfield, Missouri that is. Day one of the drive to San Antonio is complete. I'm beat, but I should be able to get a decent night's sleep. I didn't bother having Kathy drive at all today, but tomorrow she'll get her shift(s) in.

One thing I managed to leave home without is the power cord for my laptop. I thought I had more charge, but I onliy have about 30 minutes left. So I'm using Kathy's computer for everything - unless I get on for a bit on Saturday night when I won't be with her (by then she'll be in her apartment and I'll have a hotel room, until I fly out the next day).

Driving through Missouri -- there are a LOT of porn shops along the interstate, especially in the first hour out from St.Louis, and equally as many billboards decrying porn. Equally as many, because the billboards are strategically placed right beside EVERY shop. By contrast, there's exactly one such place along I-80 in Iowa, more subtle in it's advertising. Similarly one on I-65 between Chicago and Indianapolis - identical in every way (including being in an old Stucky's restaurant). None along I-88 in Illinois, but that's probably an artifact of the difficultly in exiting the toll road. There may be one on I-80. Just an interesting bit of sociology. Soooo many in Missouri.

I'm happy with the results of the Iowa caucuses. I'd be just about as happy with a Hillary or Edwards candidacy, but I like Obama best at this point and think he will be a good general election candidate. On the Republican side - eh, who cares among the lot of them. The real good news is that the 9u1ian1 campaign got embarassed.


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