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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Got my early voting done today. I got to vote for both Illinois senators.

I hadn't given any thought to this being the year that Dick Durbin's senate seat was up for election. Not that there's a strong reason to note that -- Durbin was unchallenged in the primary so it hasn't been talked about. I haven't even heard about Republicans running for Senate in their primary, so they must have annointed a token candidate to lose to Durbin and others haven't bothered. The seat is pretty secure. (OK: Google search shows there are three no-name candidates in line to lose to Durbin.)

So, the other senator was, of course, my vote for Barack Obama in the presidential primary. Then I topped off the vote by contributing a bit to his campaign (though the website could make that action easier).

Voting was done on a Diebold touch-screen machine. It was my first time doing so, but I found it easy. I could even see how the paper trail was done, though I couldn't see the shredder -- it must be deep inside the machine. Or maybe that's only enabled in the general election.

The early voting place was actually fairly busy -- maybe 10 people ahead of me in line plus several already voting, and just as many showed up as I was waiting. Of course, this was at 12:30pm, so I probably was there at the peak of the day.


  • Dang. No love for Ron Paul? ;) Oh well. Better Obama than Clinton!

    Enjoy voting in a primary that matters - by the time Indiana's primary comes around, it's just a formality on the national scale.

    By Blogger Cody Jones, at 1/30/2008 9:14 PM  

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