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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was at work a bit late today. By the time I was ready to come, I called Ellen, looked outside the window, and commented that the snow was moving perfectly horizontally.

So, I drove home a bit slowly. It wasn't too bad on the road because in most places, the snow blew right off rather than accumulating. There were some spots where was some accumulation and maybe a bit of drifting, but most of the snow was gathering around vertical surfaces -- for example, there's a good amount of drifting now by our front door.

This all after we'd had the first period of thawing for a couple weeks. We'd been in such a deep freeze, single digits, with the temperature never coming close to that magic 32°. Yesterday and the first half of today it was warm enough (in the 40's) that most of our snow cover disappeared. We'll see in the morning how much we got back.

Because of that, I'll probably take the Wednesday morning conference call from home, maybe after some shovelling. Then, I'll get my comics and go do the early voting thing -- one of six sites in DuPage county is in downtown Naperville, so conveniently on the way between the comic store and work.


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