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Friday, October 21, 2005

There be Dragons in Oblivion

Here's something of a placeholder post. I should write our Disney trip report, but I'll do that soonish. This time, a few words about recent D&D games:

Matt was home last weekend, as were the girls but I spent most of the time with Matt. That's because a) the girls were hanging with Jason and Danielle, b) Ellen was working, and c) an opportunity to play D&D arose. With two player slots available, and I figured Matt would join me. So, we jumped into a table of "Here There Be Dragons". And there was! Not a spoiler for the mod, and I think we got off easy. I need to look up the intelligence of that creature.

Anyway, the game is supposedly a two-round module, I guess really written as a one round game and an introduction with plenty of role-playing opportunity. I think we wound up taking about 6.5 hours to play, but we ran way late in the evening, leaving Brad's house on the far north side of Chicago right somewhat after 11pm. This for a game that was supposed to start at 2pm. Matt and I were 20 minutes late due to traffic, but another player was more like an hour late, the sixth player almost 2 hours late, and the DM 2.5 hours late! So, we didn't sit down to play until 4:30. Plus we were a chatty group, and also ordered some dinner from a Thai place.

Anyway, the module makes a pretty decent little adventure with some good thrills, definitely worth playing for the D&D folks who read this. I just think the tactics for the last encounter could have been better.

Then Wednesday night I played "Full Circle to Oblivion" with a party that was pretty solidly APL 6 (average player level). Unfortunately, the lowest APL supported by the module was APL 8, so that's what we played it at. We also had two players who were well out of the range of the game - one at 3rd level and one at 4th. And no one actually over 8th level to balance the lower level PCs. So, we were really outclassed. It also didn't help that my character (Joe - Ranger6/Scout1) couldn't hit a thing that night. I didn't even touch the creature that was my favored enemy - thus no bonus damage. And I failed to hit both times I charged, too - so my Boots of Charging really help. :-( Fortunately, Dick was playing and went into the mod with an escape plan. And the mod gave full experience for escaping, so Joe gained a level -- I now have my second Scout level. We didn't accomplish one thing, though. The 3rd level character was playing so that he could remove a curse he has. It didn't get removed - it got worse! Now he'll be looking to play the next module in the series - which he'll still be far to low a level for.

Oh, I almost forgot the comic strip I saw the next morning (Thursday), that was particularly appropos to the Wednesday night game:

Anyway, I've got yet another D&D game coming on Monday - "Crystal Caverns of the Cairn Hills". It's handy to schedule games when Ellen is working.

OK, enough D&D for now. I'll write on another topic soon.


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