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Friday, September 30, 2005

Chemical Dependence

Primarily zinc gluconate glycine. Along with ascorbic acic, pseudoephedrine, and recently dextromethorphan...

In the form of Cold-Eeze lozenges, Robitussin Sunny Orange Vitamin C drops, orange juice, Sudafed, and Robitussin DM syrup. Yep, I caught cold, symptoms starting Monday night. I've been pounding it with the zinc lozenges and the vitamin C, and pretty much have been feeling fine. I was pretty much out of it Tuesday and took a half-day off work (and worked from home most of the rest of the time). By Wednesday I was feeling upwards of 85%, and pretty much fine since. Yesterday a cough started, so I added the Robitussin syrup, but I've only needed that twice. I should be pretty much over it by the time we leave on vacation. I'll probably take the zinc a day or two still after arrival, to fight off any rhinovirus that I might still pick up on the plane (a pretty easy thing to do).

OK, that was excessively cheery. I think I'll put other stuff in another post.


  • LOL for a moment I thought I would have to report you to DEA. Well dont be trying self medication buddy, you might end up spending more than you think. Do drop in at my blog

    By Blogger iamthatdude, at 9/30/2005 12:58 PM  

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