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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Flipping Through the Family History

As noted previously, I spent the weekend in Missouri Valley, flying out to meet Ellen and spend a couple days with my mom and Ellen's family.

Friday I helped Mom get some things organized in her basement, identify what she had on her pantry shelves, clean out some stuff. Find fabric and craft stuff, store the stuff the needed stored, move upstairs stuff that would be used short term. We got a bunch done.

Saturday, Ellen went shopping with Beth (her sister) and Rachel (Beth's daughter). While they were out, I dug out some old pictures that were in my mom's basement so that Mom could identify the people (because there were but few that I would be able to).

Today I bought a scanner, with the intent of getting the pictures (at least the identifiable ones) scanned, tagged, and burnt to CD. Here's the first scan attempt:

OK, so the picture above has got to be approximately 100 years old. I'll pull out some of my genealogy and try to pin down the year a bit more firmly. But ... the little girl in the front of the picture, who appears to be about five years old here, is my maternal grandmother, Lola Genevieve Rankin (later Kincaid). The adults are my great-grandparents, Hugh Wesley Rankin and Martha Maddy Rankin. The rest are obviously my mom's aunts and uncles: (back row l-r) Worth, Lillie, Clark?, Ethel, (middle row l-r) Cora, Hugh, Martha, Guy?, (front row l-r) Forrest, Lola. I may have mixed up Cora and Ethel without looking at my notes, and Mom wasn't sure which was Clark and which Guy, though I may be able to sort that out by finding birth dates.

Anyway, I have a bunch pictures to scan, after which I'll set up some stuff with the genealogy records and burn to CD. I've got a number of pictures of my mom and my grandma at various ages.

Other stuff from the weekend: I got Lojatek set up for cat sitting, rode the trains out to Midway, got there way early, ate a mediocre Chicken Parmesan at Harry Caray's at the airport, and rode the 1/3rd full flight to Omaha (I guess that 'A' boarding pass wasn't really necessary). Friday I pretty much covered. Saturday, besides going through pictures, Ellen and I went out to dinner with Ellen's mom, Beth, Don (Beth's husband), Rachel, and Carlos (Rachel's boyfriend). Then returned to Beth's house for a game of Hawaiian Rummy, where Carlos beat me by five stinking points! Sunday we went to church with Mom, drove over to Blair for Runza's, then drove home, timed to have dinner at the Amana Colonies. A good weekend overall!


  • Was it Carlos's first time playing Hawaiian Rummy? I don't know how often they play when we're not there, and I can't remember if Carlos has played with us before or not. And you know there's a strong tradition of beginner's luck in that game. ;)

    By Anonymous kalen, at 9/14/2005 12:13 AM  

  • Yeah, apparently he had played before, but maybe only once or twice and he didn't yet have all the rules down. He didn't remember that jokers and deuces were wild until Rachel told him again in the middle of the second hand (after he didn't realise he had cards he could lay down). And later I let him take back a discard that would have put me out. So, I guess we can still attribute it to beginners luck.

    By Blogger Tim Tjarks, at 9/14/2005 11:04 AM  

  • Sounds like a groovy weekend. Your scan turned out really well. You've obviously played with scanners before. The picture quality was great. You even got the texture of the frame. Or was that advanced wear? Oh my.

    By Anonymous Mike, at 9/30/2005 12:08 PM  

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