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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Voice on the Interwebs!

As mentioned in my Gencon report, I read at this year's Knights of the Dinner Table live reading. A snippet of that performance, as well as other highlights of the live reading, is available on the Kenzer web site in the "Radio Free KODT" section. Go to this link, scroll down to Podcast .75 for the live reading. My part starts at 22:29 (I'm the first voice after that point, reading B.A.'s part (the DM)), and it's only about a minute long. Too bad, because the whole thing was probably 10 or 15 minutes long, but they squeezed the 2.5 hour session into a half-hour podcast.

Other than that, other stuff has also been happening. Follow the "Read More" link for other miscellaneous stuff.

I went to two Cubs games games in a row, Sunday and Monday, with my brother Bob. Sunday was a close game for most of it, then the Cubs scored eight runs in the bottom of the seventh to blow it open - 14-3. Monday was the opposite, the Cubs gave up six runs in the second and two more in the third, so it felt like a blow-out throughout, even though the Cubs scored a few runs scattered through the game and actually got the tying run up to bat. They lost 9-6, and it didn't feel that close.

Tuesday night I ran the Living Kalamar module "Hide and Go Seek" online. It went pretty well for most of it, but the ending frustrates the hell out of every player I've talked to about it, and there's a cert virtually guaranteed to screw one player at each table. I did tweak the mod a little bit, and the players said they liked my tweak, but I can't do anything about the ending.

Tonight, I got my weekly comics then went for an eye exam and ordered new glasses, since Matt and Ellen both thought I should get smaller lenses to fit better with my new shaved look. I needed new glasses anyway because my current ones are scratched and pitted a bit, and it's been 20 months since I had an exam. I think these old glasses are nearly 3 years old anyway, as after my last exam I just bought sunglasses.

I then filled my gas tank with $3.099/gallon gas at Citgo. The BP across the street was the same price, but the Jewel down the block was only $2.95 (for crap gas). But Meijer had the price listed as $3.30!

I expect the price will get higher for a while until they figure out and work around the loss of production caused by Hurricane Katrina. Having seen the pictures and heard the stories from New Orleans and Biloxi, we're getting off very, very easy, so I can't even begin to complain about gas prices.


  • I heard it's expected to go as high as $4/gallon before it gets better - though it is expected to get better after that. And I agree - I was hearing estimates of 4 months before they declare most of New Orleans habitable again. I'd rather pay $4/gallon for gas than be in that situation.

    By Anonymous kalen, at 9/01/2005 4:24 PM  

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