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Monday, August 15, 2005

Why I haven't been blogging much

It’s been an insanely busy August. For details, follow the "Read More" link!

Starting at the tail end of July. I took a trip with Matt and Ryan back to Iowa to see my mom the last weekend of July, returning the first of August. Then I was getting the house cleaned up a bit for Tjarkseque (cookout for APA friends) on the 5th and Matt and I fit in a Dungeons & Dragons game on Wednesday of that week ("Shedding Scales").

Then was Wizard World Chicago on the weekend, including the cookout on Friday night. I cut the con-going short on Sunday, as we sqeezed in a game of D&D on Sunday night ("Fool's Gold"), as Kalen needed a chance play that module before she judges that same module this coming week.

Monday the 8th I had tickets to the Cubs game previously described in this blog.

Tuesday the 9th the Tjarks family met the Gerdes family downtown at the Giordano’s on Rush street. Great pizza had by all , then a walk around a bit of the north end of downtown and ice cream.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I played D&D online. All of these were games meant to prepare judges for Gencon. I only needed the game on Friday, since that’s the module I’m running at Gencon (Living Kalamar, "Hide and Go Seek"), but I was helping fill out the tables on those other days, making sure others could play the games they were judging. Wednesday's game ran ‘til 3am, Thursday ‘til just short of 2am. I would have loved to avoid playing on Thursday, but if I didn't the game didn't happen for others.

Friday was the quickest game as we got done about 12:30am. Matt ran that for us, and was wanting to get through it quickly. It really works better face to face, but I do like playing a mod before judging it. Unfortunately, the only cert I got was bad for my character, so from the character's point of view I should have just eaten the mod.

Saturday the 13th we had tickets for the Cubs game for the whole family, as well as my brother. Nice lunch at the stadium club, but there was a three hour rain delay and we were planning to play D&D one more time that night (the module "Finding the Way", retires on August 15, so it was our last chance to play). We left the ball game after four innings. The Cubs lost anyway.

Sunday, everyone except Matt helped the girls move into their apartment in Normal. At least I got to sleep a little longer that morning. Got them moved in and much of their technology enabled – internet works, wireless networks work and Tivo set up, but their cable TV hadn’t yet been enabled.


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