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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Comic Comments - All-Star Batman and Robin #1

OK, the series actually has the unwieldy title "All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder". The logo basically reads like this:
"Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder".

There's really nothing special about this story, and some things that are just nonsensical. It's a rehash of Robin's origin. It's an All-Star series, so it doesn't have to fit continuity, though this story doesn't do any harm to it either.

The focus of issue #1 is on Vicki Vale. Go figure.

Actually, much of the focus of #1 is on Vicki Vale's figure. As in, we get four pages of Vicki in various stages of undress - OK, mostly bra and bikini panties. On two of the pages, her full form takes up the full page, or very nearly so. Message of this section, she's centerfold quality. And she's hot for Bruce.

Bruce Wayne is a lucky, lucky man. Or would be, but he has other things on his mind. Like, recruiting a young aerialist even before they actually have common motivations.

As for the nonsense, we go from Dick Grayson's parents being shot (on the ground after their act, not in the air during it, so there's less drama to the scene) to Gotham police taking away Dick and preparing to beat him, possibly to death. For no apparent reason. Yes, I get the idea that the Gotham police at this stage are brutal and corrupt, but there's just no reason given for the potential beating. If the cops were in on Dick's parents' killing, and they wanted to be rid of him, why wasn't he just shot in that scene as well. He was standing right next to his parents, so the gunman had the opportunity. If, on the other hand, the police weren't in on the murders, they're apparently just going to beat Dick for the sport of it. Wouldn't there be lower profile target than, say, a boy who's parents have just been shot in front of hundreds of circus-goers?

The attraction to this series is supposed to be the creators: Frank Miller and Jim Lee. Lee's artwork is very nice, pinup quality, but doesn't really enhance the storytelling. Miller phoned it in, and in fact some of the scripting sounds more like Jim Lee anyway.


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