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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The week behind, the weekend ahead

Little bits of stuff:

I got my submission done for work yesterday, just before the deadline. Yay. Unfortunately, I'd found problems on Friday, couldn't figure them out in a few hours on Saturday, and Sunday I turned into a potato for a while, addicted to a puzzle game on Neopets that Kathy left up on my laptop. Neopets - Aaargh! But it was a fun little puzzle that I just had to finish (addicted), and I earned her a much of Neopoints. Yippee.

Anyway, I emerged from potato-hood on Monday, got Kalen car seat fixed so that it could be adjusted back and forth (so someone other than Kalen could actually fit behind the wheel). Then had lunch and shopped with Ellen, Kalen, Kathy, and Ryan. As the kids were getting ready to go back to Normal I went back to work and pounded through the problems I was having with the code submission. Which meant I stayed until 2:30am. But it got the submission to the testers so I could get the green light to submit (which I got yesterday).

Tuesday, conference call in the morning and then I saw Ellen off as she went to go visit our mothers in Missouri Valley. I then went to work and finished some of the details in closing out my code inspection. After work I stopped to grab some dinner and got a call from my brother -- could I come up and stay with him for the night? His back was causing problems and the chiropractor that day only seemed to make it worse. He was calling from the chiropractor's table, where he'd been for two hours, unable to move without intense pain. He wasn't sure he'd be able to make it out of bed in the morning without help. So, I went home, took care of some things there (fed cats, took out garbage, returned a call from Matt, etc) and eventually drove to Deerfield. Got there about 10pm. Bob was clearly in pain, but at least he'd made it home.

The next morning, it turned out that Bob's back worked itself out in the night, at least for now. So, no problems. Back home, fed cats, took care of laundry, and back to work. Was able to finish submission and start looking at some other bugs that had come up in the product (not my submission, whew). Went home, got everything tidied up so I could leave today, called Lojatek (see below), took care of some business for Narf, then waited until midnight so I could print my Southwest boarding pass for tonight (an important step when flying Southwest -- get that 'A' boarding pass), and then crashed hard.

So, today, I'll work a half day, do some other errands including getting this week's comics, then meet everyone's pal Lojatek who'll be cat sitting for the weekend, and have him drive me to the train station. Then, take the train downtown, switch to the 'L' for a ride out to Midway, and then a late night flight to Omaha. Then I can relax for the long weekend in MV, driving back with Ellen on Sunday.



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