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Friday, June 02, 2006

Twenty-six or Forty

Twenty-six = the number of years I have worked at Bell Labs/AT&T/Lucent, as of today.

Forty = the number of tiles still to be stuck up on the powder room wall.

The number of tiles was down to 38 left, but raised to 40 because two tiles were wedged a bit with the board supporting the first row of tiles I put in, and those two came off when I pried off the board. No big deal. Slowing things a bit more has been that one of the decorative trim tiles broke in the wrong spot while I was cutting it, and I had no spares of that particular tile. I went to get another tile to replace it ... and they are out of stock until Monday. I ordered the tile so I'd be sure to get it when they came in. I'm hesitant to mix a batch of the thinset mortar before I know I can finish everything, but I may go ahead on Sunday anyway. However, with the known delay in the tiling the first priority for Sunday will be to install the arbor on the side of the house.

The priority for tomorrow (Saturday, 6/3), is to go to St. Louis to see the Cubs play the Cardinals. It's my brother's birthday, so he and I are driving down for the game tomorrow, leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening. Kalen is catching a ride with us as far as Normal so she can spend the day working on her research project.

Last weekend Ellen, Kalen, and I went back to Iowa for an extended Memorial Day weekend. Kalen and I went to CavalierCon in Council Bluffs all day Friday and much of Saturday. I played five slots of year-5 Dyvers mods, rarely with people actually from the Dyvers area. I played four slots with my rogue Blaine and got him leveled up to level 6 (Rogue 5/Thief-Acrobat 1). The remaining slot I played as my ranger/scout Joe, playing the mod at APL 10. The interesting part of that module was that we had to go retrieve people from several regions surrounding Dyvers. We had to retreive folks from Furyondy, the County of Urnst, Verbobonc, and elsewhere in Dyvers. And the players (and characters) that played the module were from ... Furyondy, the County of Urnst, Verbobonc, and Dyvers. We broke one bit of boxed text in the module because the Furyondy native was able to warn folks of a barrier that the text assumed we hit. I was also able to identify a tribe native to the Gnarley in Verbobonc (which we could then kill on sight). The main accomplishment with Joe was to gain enough gold to get within one APL 8 module of being able to pay for the Holy enhancement on his +2 Adamantine Longsword. (OK, this sounds sooooo geeky!) He's still a long way from leveling up and getting his 4th level of Scout (and with it, Spring Attack).

Then we spent the rest of the weekend (Sunday and Monday) hanging out in Missouri Valley. I got a ceiling fan hung in my mom's living room and took care of a couple other minor things. Monday we went over to sister-in-law Beth's house for a cookout with Ellen's family, got in a game of Hawaiian Rummy, saw the house that Brian (nephew) and Nicole just moved into, and then checked out the house that Lyle (brother-in-law) bought to renovate and flip.

Tuesday, we drove back. Nothing particularly exciting there.

And aside from that, things have been pretty staid and normal. When everyone was home for a short time a couple weeks ago we got in a family game of Hawaiian Rummy which was the closest I've seen -- Ellen and I were tied going into the last hand with Ryan 120 points behind. At the finish I beat Ryan by only 5 points, with Ellen 15 points further back. Then that weekend (after Matt had going back to Urbana), the rest of us went out to dinner and a movie, with the only thing were were much interested in seeing being "Thank You For Smoking" (which was pretty funny, worth catching on video).


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