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Friday, April 21, 2006

A few tiny things

It's a beautiful day today. It was yesterday too. Got the lawn mowed again yesterday, and I should go trim now. In a few minutes.

Mark Evanier's blog is always a wonderful place to visit, with fun or odd things. And sometimes, it points to an article that's really important. Like this one. Go read it, I'll get back to commenting on it later.

Adventure Hooks - go check the Adventure Hooks blog!

A few more things are after the break ...

Lawn trimming is now complete! (7:30pm update)

Good stuff in the mail (or from UPS) today. Babylon 5 scriptbook #6! The last of the Legends contributions! New shoes! (New Balance 609, size 9EE. Discontinued style, but as long as I can find them online... )

The doors that the girls and I installed on Sunday now have doorknobs (actually, as of Wednesday). For some reason, the older doors had a shorter distance from the edge of the door (looks like there are actually two standards), so the old knobs didn't work. Same style, but nice and fresh and new now.

Poking around Tivo tells that on next week's "Amazing Race" one team will pick up a hitchhiker. Now I wonder which team that would be?


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