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Friday, February 24, 2006

Pick Three

Today's Dilbert is particularly apt (you may need to click on it to make it better viewable):

I felt productive much of last week. I got a major submission in that had been causing me all sorts of problem over the past few weeks. By Wednesday (2/15) I was certain that all tests had passed, I was passed that hurdle, and could polish a couple little things. On the weekend the kids were home, we all went out to dinner on Friday, played D&D (Eberron) on Saturday, and after Kalen, Kathy and Ryan returned to Normal and Ellen to work on Sunday Matt stayed around and we hung out for a while. All was good.

Monday morning (2/20) I got up early and got onto a conference call meeting at 7:00am -- things you put up with when part of the team is halfway around the world (India) -- but I can do that from home just as effectively as in my office. The meeting dragged on for quite a while, and I didn't actually got ready for work (shower, fresh clothes) until after the meeting. So, I didn't get into the office until 11:30.

At which point, there was already a considerable amount of fecal matter hitting the fan. As it turned out, there was a lot of testing on the previous week's load that didn't get started until late Friday (2/17), and enough various problems that were masking bits of my submission. So, the submission that I thought was all behind me reared its ugly head again. I looked at a problem they had, realized it was a degenerate case that I hadn't thought to test, but could put a quick fix in to deal with it.

Quick fixes so seldom work out that way. The fix led to another quick fix, and then that one led to ... nothing starting up as it should. By this time (a few cycles through) it was 7pm and we needed a go/no-go decision. I didn't know what was wrong, so we decided no-go and pulled my submission out once again. AAAAGGHH! This just put me in an overall foul mood that has carried over much of the week, and also meant that I had to put in some more time at work to find the problems, thus blocking other things I should be doing (for one, Legends still hasn't been mailed, if you're wondering Mike and Dwight).

Anyway, I've since figured out what the problem was on Monday night and got that patched, so I'm testing again. Part of the problem was that I couldn't actually test what was going wrong in the lab I have access to ... everything was fine there. So, I've had to get access to and learn a new lab environment. And now ... things seem to be working, but as soon as I say that I'm sure to find another problem.

OK, that's enough update for the moment, as my latest compilation is now finished. More later, tonight or tomorrow. Promise! (yeah you've heard that before)


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