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Friday, December 09, 2005

I am Your Pigskin Pick!

Enough about snow, let's talk Fantasy Football!

As you will see, I ROCK! ...

I'm in two leagues: one I've been in for several years now, with my former boss Gary (now my favorite Saturn salesmanager Gary). That league has a live draft before the beginnning of the season and updates in e-mail. I won the whole thing last year and finished second the previous year. In that league the regular season is now over and ... I won my division and the overall best record at 9-4. I managed to sweep every game within my division, finishing 8-0 there. Against the other division, not so good: I went 1-4 in the five games against that division, and pretty much all those teams finshed 8-5 (four tied at that record, and with three teams from each division going to the playoffs they had to go to the division record tie-breaker).

So, that team has a bye this week as I wait to start the playoffs.

The other league I got into through D&D buddy Dick Gilbert. I'ts based off Yahoo, so everything is done through their website. The teams are drafted automatically based off a preference list you can tweak. I did very little tweaking, though, as I ran out of time to do much. So, I consider the makeup of that team to me mostly luck. With one game left in the regular season ... I win the regular season crown with an 11-1-1 record, clinching over the second place team that is now 9-4. It sure helps that the luck of the draw gave me Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and the Colt defense. And with Edgerrin James on my other team, I've been enjoying the Colts season so far! (For my hometown rooting allegiences, I do have the Bears defense on my other team).

So, we'll see what happens in the playoffs. Fantasy playoffs get a bit wonky because the real-life teams start playing a bit differently, resting players, etc. This will be especially interesting to watch on that latter league, as the championship game would be the final week of the season, and there's a real good chance that the Colts will be resting guys, not going full out, etc. If I get that far, I may actually have to bench Peyton in favor of my backup QB (Jake Delhomme), though it's possible he'll be in the same situation.


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