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Monday, April 17, 2006

Moss Spring

Hey, now it really does seem like spring! Not that my title has anything to do with that. "Moss Spring" is the name of the paint that I put up on the wall of the downstairs bathroom. It's also supposed to be Brushed Suede texture, so my paint job isn't bad, you're supposed to see the brush strokes like that.

I've alluded to it a couple times, but I haven't really described what I'm doing to the downstairs powder room. I've needed to remodel that room for a while, but even more so after the infamous "New Year's Eve Animal Incident". So, finally, Ellen and I picked out tile and committed to remodelling the whole thing. I stripped everything out, down to the studs and subfloor, and have been slowly rebuilding it since. Here's the project checklist (completed items are checked and bold:

  1. X New sheetrock for walls, using water-resistant drywall.
  2. X Finish joints in drywall.
  3. X Prime walls.
  4. X Paint ceiling
  5. X Paint walls above new tile line (brushed suede moss spring)
  6. X Install new door
  7. Install new door casings
  8. X Install new basement door to match
  9. Install basement door casings
  10. X Install new medicine cabinet
  11. X Install new over-toilet cabinet
  12. Install wall tile
  13. Grout wall tile
  14. Install new subfloor
  15. Install floor tile
  16. Grout floor tile
  17. Re-install pedestal sink
  18. Re-install toilet
  19. Install new towel rings
  20. Install new toilet paper holder

Kalen and Kathy helped me get the doors up yesterday. In doing so, I smashed the tip of my left index finger (fortunately, only that one finger, just once), and that finger is nicely bruised and swollen now, but I think it's getting better quick enough. Kalen knows I just had a swear for a while and then get back to the job.

Other than the powder room, I also got the lawn mowed for the first time this spring (at least the back yard, the front doesn't grow as fast but I'll get it done in a day or so), and trimmed back the drooping bottom branches of the evergreen tree in the backyard.


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