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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today, June 8, is our anniversary. 27 years, which is odd because I'll be turning 30 in just two weeks.

Not doing anything today with that, since Ellen has to work this evening. So I talked to her for maybe 15 seconds last night when she came to bed after work (~2am) and again this morning for maybe 15 seconds this morning before I left for work (~8am). This is the odd day, though, that she works two days in a row not on a weekend. Maybe/Probably tomorrow night we'll do something.

Ellen or I (or both) should have pictures up by tomorrow of the new additions to the landscaping, and a couple pictures of the stalled bathroom tiling. The stall should be fixed by tonight though, as the missing tile should be available at the Tile Store now. The pictures are taken, but (aargh!) I can't find the USB cable to connect camera to laptop.


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