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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So, my friend Steve and I went to the Cubs game on June 30 -- Cubs vs. White Sox. On the way, he asked what I was ready for.

I said "Disappointment".

They didn't disappoint with the disappointment.

But, let's walk through the past couple of weeks:

Tuesday, June 27, I went to the game with my brother, Bob. Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs scored two runs in the bottom of the 8th innning to take a 5-4 lead, only to give up four runs in the top of the ninth, with the second (and go-ahead) run scoring on an error by "closer" Ryan Dempster. I left after the Brewers scored their third run of the inning, confident that the Cubs could not come back from a two-run deficit in the 9th, so I didn't see the Brewers actually take a 3 run lead. Brewers 8, Cubs 5.

Friday, June 30, I went to the game with my friend Steve. Cubs vs. White Sox. The Cubs gave up three runs in the first inning, only to make it close again by scoring two in their half of the first. That was the last time they were very close to scoring, though, while the White Sox slowly built their lead. We left after the 8th inning, confident that the Cubs could not come back from the four-run deficit they had at the time, and not wanting to watch the White Sox fans celebrate (and their were a lot of them). White Sox 6, Cubs 2.

Saturday, July 1. Cubs vs. White Sox again, and I went with Matt, Ryan, and Bob. This time, the Cubs led most of the game, scoring three in the first and adding a few more. The White Sox tied the game in the seventh, but the Cubs again scored to take the lead, 6-5, in the bottom of the seventh. Dempster got the first two outs in the ninth, but then they had a virtual repeat of the Tuesday game. The White Sox got an infield hit and a walk, and then their obnoxious catcher hit a three-run home run to take the lead 8-6. I don't think the ball even landed before I said "Let's get out of here". White Sox 8, Cubs 6.

Saturday, July 8. Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers. Ellen, Kalen and I drove to Deerfield to meet Bob at his condo, then continued on to Milwaukee for this early evening game (6pm start). Rain was slightly threatening, so they closed the roof on Miller Park. The game was close and interesting, and the Cubs actually played pretty well for the most part. Cubs 3, Brewers 1.

Sometime while I'm here in Phoenix I'll try to go to a Diamondbacks game, probably seeing them play the Brewers (again with the Brewers) sometime this weekend.


  • The only baseball I've seen in the last 10 years has been the Louisville Bats (named for the Louisville Slugger), but I can really get into a game.
    Sounds like a lot of fun!

    By Blogger HoosierGirl5, at 7/13/2006 3:12 PM  

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