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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Japan Watches

This post is not about a store selling timepieces.

Ryan and I went to the Cubs game last night with Bob and Diane. It was cold and very windy, with the wind blowing right in our faces. And, due to scheduling (mainly with Ryan's work) we arrived just at game time, so we didn't get to the stadium club buffet.

But, that worked out just fine -- we just decided to watch the first two innings from our seats and then head to the club to get sandwiches for dinner. We were then able to watch the next 5½ innings in the warm comfort of the club, watching on the HD TVs while we ate and lounged around. Ryan and I went back to the stands for the last two half-innings, but we just grabbed a couple seats down the right field line rather than go back to the regular seats. Thus we were positioned to get right out to the train station when Kerry Wood got the last batter to ground out to Derek Lee. Cubs won 3-1.

Someone on ESPN said "All Japan watches", probably around the first fourth inning, because the game had two big, recent signings from the Japan playing, the Cubs right fielder Kosuke Fukudome and the Dodgers starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. I said I thought "All Japan Watches" was a little shop down the street. Then throughout the rest of the night, anytime anything major happened, especially with Fukudome or Kuroda, we'd just way "All Japan watches!".

Hey, I could have named this post "Stinky Mattress Weekend", but Bob would have to tell that whole story.

I was also at the Cubs game on Memorial Day, that time with Ellen, Kalen, and Cody as well as Bob and Diane. The Cubs won that one by the identical 3-1 score. It was warm that day, and we could get to the stadium early enough for the stadium club buffet, so no side trips out of the stands on Monday.

One other small note from Monday -- in the 7th inning Chin-lung Hu pinch-ran for the Dodgers. After he was announced, Wayne Messmer (Cubs PA guy) followed up with "Hu's on first". I'll bet he gets a lot of that. He did from us.


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