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Friday, May 23, 2008

This is a Test, this is Not ONLY a Test

It's time for another quick update, but this one is more motivated by a new feature added to Facebook, that should pick up the blog post and add it too my notes automatically. I've had an application that did that (a couple different attempts), but they haven't been totally satisfactory and this new one is more integrated with Facebook. We'll see.

We're making a quick trip to Iowa and back for part of the weekend. We're doing the ceremony committing my mom's ashes for burial Saturday afternoon, some business at the bank earlier, and then dinner with Beth's family a bit later. Then we'll drive back Sunday and go to the Cubs game on Monday afternoon.

I finally caught up with the last three episodes of "Smallville" for season 7. My main thought throughout was how we were never going to get a satisfactory resolution to the storyline, what with the creators/story editors leaving and Michael Rosenbaum not returning to play Lex. I've also heard they we're bringing back the girl who played Kara, so we've got two cliffhangers where the actor is not returning: Kara probably stays <spoiler>trapped in the Phantom Zone</spoiler> and we'll probably get a poor excuse why we don't see Lex again (because, for the mythology, they have to at least be able to hint that Lex is still around). This shos is probably going to get demoted OFF the Tivo list next year, maybe to be caught occasionally if nothing better is on -- and it competes with both Survivor and 30 Rock most of the time.


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