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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It's Spring! (no, Ellen, it's not summer quite yet)

I finally got a chance to start "springifying" around the house (or whatever the opposite of "winterization" is.

Mowed and trimmed the lawn for the first time this year (probably could/should have done it last weekend, but I was busy and it was rainy), put the screen in the storm door replacing the glass, got the fountain set up, got hoses back out to their stations, uncovered the patio table and got the chairs re-set around. And I fired up the grill for the first time tonight to grill some vegetables (not entirely successfully).

Slightly late in the spring for all this -- I probably would have done all this two weekends ago if I hadn't been in Iowa. But, it's done now.

Besides that, I got the leak from the shower in the kids' bathroom fixed, finally, and it was not IN the wall as I thought, but a back-flow from a bad connection with the hose from the hand-held nozzle. The bad news is that I figured that out AFTER I knocked a couple holes in the wall -- that'll just hasten the bathroom remodeling that we were planning anyway.

And, I got some stuff moved around in the garage to begin to make a dent in the mass of stuff brought back from Iowa, and I cleaned out the area that Matt had claimed (now that he's in Florida) and started moving some of my stuff back into there.

All in all, a busy and productive weekend. I'll see how well I can keep that up over the next weeks.


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