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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Return of the Keys

Minor things make me happy.

For the past few months, I've been carrying one key, occasionally two. The one key would be the "Valet" key for my car, the one designed to be given to valet parking and that can't open the trunk. (The second was a house key, that I often didn't carry because there was rarely no-one at home).

I didn't have the remote lock/unlock fobs.

The story goes back to last summer (or maybe spring, almost a year ago). Ellen was driving this car regularly then. She was returning from work at Marionjoy late one night, stopped at a Jewel on the way home for some groceries, and when she got back to her car she couldn't find her keys -- though she'd obviously driven there. She had to call me to bring another key to the car so she could get home. Couldn't figure out where the keys had gotten to.

The second set of lost keys were after I took the car for daily use. When my mom died, I rode to Missouri Valley with my brother. Ellen and the kids drove over the next day -- some in Ellen's VUE and some in Ryan's car. Ryan didn't have an I-Pass for the tollway, though, so Kalen got my keys and retrieved my I-Pass. That would be the last anyone knew of what happened to those keys.

So, since then, months with just the valet key. I was just on the verge of breaking down and ordering a new remote fob and key from the Saturn dealer.

Last Thursday, Ellen got an envelope in the mail from Jewel -- with her long lost keys. No explanation, but we figure they must have been dropped in the store and then kicked under the cash register stand or maybe under shelves. That store must have been doing either some deep-cleaning or remodeling, found the keys, and connected them to Ellen through the Preferred Customer Card tag on the keys.

Last Friday, on our way back to Iowa, Ellen and I were reshuffling things on the console of her car -- making room for drinks, I believe, with our dinner-on-the-fly. She opened a compartment that she doesn't use much and -- there are mykeys. When they got tossed in there we're not sure. I may even had been asked where to the put them at the time and decided to put them in there. Then everyone involved totally forgot.

OK, It's a stupid little story, but I'm glad to have my keys and my remote fob back. It's a little nicety, and made ... well, not really made my day, but made that hour.


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