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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't Bring it to a Gnu Fight?

The cafeteria at work has a new utensil for us to use. There are bins at each station labeled "KINFE".

There's some comments on the past couple of Cubs games after the break.
Wrigley was really loud Thursday night, and it was that way even before the late rally. I wasn't counting on the big rally, but Fontenot's lead-off homerun made me think it was possible, if maybe not likely. Aramis Ramirez's grand slam was just majestic -- and the Philly outfielders didn't even bother turning around to give chase. At that point, Wrigley just got insane. It's just going to be more and more that way as the season progresses and we get into the playoffs. I can start saying that without thinking I'm going to jinx anything now -- even if they fall behind the Brewers somehow the Cubs still have an 11 game lead on whoever could challenge for the wildcard.

Thursday night I was sitting by a drunk-ish guy from Minneapolis (and by Bob, but that was the other side). He kept asking me if this was in the top ten most important games for the Cubs this year (I think so he could validate his trip), and ... I didn't think so. The game was way more important for the Phillies. The Cubs had more important games in the series that they swept from the Brewers, and several others earlier in the season where they proved that they could come from behind to win. They had that stretch of home wins where they were coming from behind every game -- I think at least 7 games straight winning like that.

However, that game on Thursday may energize them for this home stretch, and for the final push toward clinching the division. It certainly energized the fans.

I'm certainly enjoying the SportsCenter guys wondering if the Cubs will ever lose again.

I was Googling the phrase for the title of this entry ("Bring a knife to a gun fight"), and the third entry, by coincidence, was a chat log from a Phillies fan site talking about Thursday's game. It was fun to read, as they thought they had the game in hand and then suddenly the tone turned. They were getting near suicidal at the end. I could empathize.


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