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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Narf!

Aha! Now I know when Narf's birthday is!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Live blogging April 1st

Live blogging (sort of - at least as live as I manage) all the attempted April Fools jokes I note today. Let's see what I get caught by, what gives me a minor WTF moment, and what is caught immediately.

The default reaction is almost always "WTF?" until the right brain cell engages to remind me of the date.

  • I got a notice from my Cubs Fans group on Facebook that Wrigley Field would be renamed "Trident Field". Brief WTF, but that was my first reminder of the date.

  • Daily GizWiz podcast talks about a device to record MP3 files to vinyl records. I didn't get it when I first saw the title of the podcast because it loaded last night. When I listened this morning, though, they mentioned the date early on and I realized it was a gag. No foolin' here.

  • A Facebook friend* announced she was married. She set this up well by announcing she was engaged a couple days ago. I'm assuming the former is a gag, and maybe the latter, but I don't know 100%. *Friend in this case meaning friendly acquaintance, as is often true on Facebook. Later update: both marriage and engagements confirmed as gags.

  • Someone posted a printed note on the restroom door at work, saying that due to budget cutbacks the company would no longer stock supplies and so everyone should bring their own towels, toilet paper, soap. Caught immediately, of course, but I would have impressed by the commitment to the joke if they'd posted this on every restroom door. Nope.

  • Yet another notice from a Facebook application saying Barack Obama had confirmed that I was a cousin. It rated a WTF.

  • Pretty much all of Slashdot, as usual.

  • Gmail Autopilot - Google always has April Fools jokes; this one probably isn't the only one.

  • ... and it wasn't. CADIE on the Google home page.

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