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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year -- and a return

Hey, it's been two months since I posted anything here. Happy New Year everyone!

I'm going to try to actually use this blog again. This isn't a new year's resolution, though. Just a re-commitment to post regularly - with luck daily for at least the next week (until vacation).

Right now, I'm working. Stuck on a boring conference call while watching to see if anything is going to go wrong in the cellular network around Times Square. I'm not even convinced it's all that crowded there this year, and the call statistics are holding up very nicely. I'll be doing this until 2am our time (three more hours), watching as the new year sweeps through all four time zones, and until my relief (in the UK) comes online.

This is just a check in. Tomorrow, a bit about the most amazing story of 2008 (as far as I'm concerned).

Update near midnight EST: watching "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" to see the countdown in Times Square (so I can see when the call surge is going to hit), and Dick Clark is really showing the effects of that stroke he had. But, still not bad for his age. And it's midnight!

And a bit later update: it's almost fun to watch the flood of "overload" alarms come it. I may declare it officially fun if everything recovers properly when the surge subsides.

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